A Mental Health Speaker Who Connects

Solome knows a lot about anxiety and facing one’s fears to make a difference. She grappled with a severe anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as a teenager, struggling to find an outlet to connect with other teens and gain education about her conditions. That’s when, in 2006 as a 16-year-old, she started AnxietyInTeens.org, the first online mental health resource for youth. Through the power of expressive writing, young adults across the country share their perspectives with lived experience of mental health disorders with other teens, college students and families today.

Youth Social Entrepreneurship

While a full-time undergraduate college student, Solome developed patent-pending Cognific(R), a mental health homework application for patients and analytics platform for healthcare providers. Solome built a team of engineers and clinicians, managed product development, secured angel funding and deployed the technology across multiple clinical pilots. In her lectures, Solome shares insights about her journey as a young entrepreneur developing solutions for important problems while struggling with the very challenges these solutions address.


Solome is the recipient of the SAMHSA National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health Youth MOVE National Dare to Dream Award (Washington, D.C.), the Minnesota Association of Children’s Mental Health 2010 Outstanding Service Award (Minneapolis, MN), the Margaret Clark Morgan Mental Health Scholar Award (Cleveland, OH), GSCU Dr. Martha L. Colvin Docent (Atlanta, GA), and was selected as 1 of 20 young social entrepreneurs to represent the United States internationally at the G20 Summit Young Entrepreneurs Alliance.

Through her work in developing innovative behavioral health technologies, Solome was recognized with the Pentair Entrepreneurship Award, a recipient of the Minnesota Cup and the University of St. Thomas Ron Fowler Business Concept Challenge Winner.  Solome served as the first Ashoka YouthVenture Entrepreneur-In-Residence and continues to mentor young social entrepreneurs in healthcare and technology. She is passionate about advancing mental health initiatives as well as supporting women and minority entrepreneurs.

Speaking Topics


Solome Tibebu offers an in-depth look at the lived experience of youth struggling with mental health disorders and proves that age is no barrier to leveraging our talents and experiences to make positive change in the world.

“College Mental Health 101 & 102: Successful Self-Care and Advocacy on Campus”

Through captivating storytelling, deeply personal insights, and practical overview of evidence-based mental health psycho-education, Solome motivates her audiences to expand their worldview of mental health in themselves and their peers. In a relevant and culturally-competent lecture, Solome guides students through how to manage their mental wellness from freshman orientation to graduation. Solome’s lectures will leave students and campus personnel empowered to identify risk factors, leverage peer-support and clinical resources, and become effective advocates for their peers struggling with mental illness.  

“The Power of the Youth Social Entrepreneur”

In an inspiring yet practical format, Solome leverages her experience as an Ashoka YouthVenture Entrepreneur-In-Residence, tech startup accelerator manager and angel-funded youth entrepreneur to invite students to explore how they can leverage their experiences to develop innovative new ventures to change the world. From lack of resources to Imposter’s Syndrome, Solome will cover all of the main points stopping youth from accessing their innate skills and passions to become catalysts for change. Students will learn best practices to explore their passions, develop lean methods to test their ideas and the courage to launch their own new social ventures.


Solome speaks and facilitates sessions to inspire audiences to understand the role of mental health in diversity and inclusion, creating an equitable environment for mental wellness, and leveraging our challenges for social good.  

What’s On the Frontier of Mental Health Innovation?

Historically, mental health hasn’t exactly been known to be the hub of innovation compared to other sectors in healthcare. Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to innovate in mental health by capitalizing on the changing healthcare landscapes, consumer demand and risings costs on our society.

However, if we are going to implement mental health innovations successfully, these solutions need to be delivered at the right place, at the right time and for the right audience. Join us to discuss why mental health tech innovation is due for a large upgrade, identify key stakeholders, and outline how innovators can capture untapped opportunity by keeping the patient at the center of the solutions they develop.

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