Made of Millions, Their Modern Advocacy Platform, and What It Means to Me.

I’m honored to announce that I’ve joined the board of directors of the global advocacy nonprofit Made of Millions, and I’m excited to share the debut of the new Made of Millions platform today. Aaron Harvey, Lauren O’Shaughnessy and the entire Made of Millions team are comprised of talented media and ad executives, artists, technologists, medical professionals, mental health clinicians and advocates, all committed to changing the conversation around mental health. Here’s just a sample of the great work they’ve already done and what it has meant to me:

Made of Millions’ popular media properties run by talented web and SEO pros, such as, have served as meaningful, credible and accessible sources for psycho-education and first-line support for millions of people already. Many users who stumble upon their sites, campaigns, videos, interviews and more are a lot like me. As a teenager, I was confused and overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and OCD, yet not quite capable of putting words to my experience. Online resources like Made of Millions offered a kind, comforting and assuring boost of confidence that I was normal and that the things I was dealing with would eventually become manageable. Made of Millions’ new live schedule is filled with a wide range of topics and experiences from professionals and consumers of all backgrounds and will bring access, relief and stigma-reduction to a new level.

Last year, I was delighted to participate in one of Made of Millions’ #DearManager programs. Together with employers of all kinds in New York, I was able to experience what it meant to have real, open and honest dialogue with leaders who were committed to making practical changes in their workplaces. We discussed the Made of Millions’ Beautiful Brains guide, a six-step program that helps modern businesses implement progressive mental health policies (if you’re looking for employee resources, the guide covers everything from stigmatizing language and employee accommodations, to confidentiality plans and cultural initiatives). Impact happens at the manager level, and the unique discussion made me think about what it means to communicate and deal with mental health in the workplace, especially in light of troves of Millenials and Gen Z entering and advancing in the workforce.

In partnership with Tumblr, Made of Millions hosted SEEN, a London-based art exhibition exploring the hidden depths, complexities and perceptions of mental health. They leveraged AR technology to demonstrate the many facets of mental illness and mental health. Featuring photography of Rose by world-renowned artist Yumna Al-Arashi and work from a handful of Tumblr creators, the event explored what it means to feel seen in the context of mental health, and asked attendees: in our digital world, how can tech, community-based movements and storytelling help keep future generations from suffering in silence? Made of Millions’ refreshing take on teaching, sharing and destigmatizing mental illness visually and digitally has had a lasting impact on me and millions of others.

Made of Millions combines the powerful scale of the Internet, art, diverse perspectives in advocacy, and evidence-based mental health content, and I’m thrilled to join them during their transformative time of growth.

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