Almost Keto, Almost Vegan Chocolate-y Cookie Crunchies

Sometimes I surprise even myself!

I whipped together a concoction of brain healthy, wholesome ingredients to make these irresistible cocoa snacks. Unfortunately, per usual, I didn’t keep great track of the ingredients (*cough*, didn’t think they would turn out so awesome that they’d be worth writing down), so approximates only below:


Mixed seeds, cocoa and eggs
Look at that Omega-3 amazingness

About ¾ cup sesame seeds
About ½ cup almond flour
About ½ cup shredded coconut
About ½ cup coconut flakes
About ½ cup Lily chocolate Stevia chips
About 1/3 cup Bulletproof coconut oil
About ¼ cup cocoa powder
About ¼ cup black chia seeds
About ¼ cup ground flax seed
About 4 Tablespoons Organic Honey
About 1 teaspoon Almond extract
2 eggs
Dash of salt
Dash of cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

OMG! I can get a
“OMG! I couldn’t even get a package of 2 of these delights for $16.99 at Whole Paycheck!”

Mix flour, salt, cinnamon and cocoa powder together. Add shredded coconut, sesame seeds, chia seeds and ground flax seed.

Beat 2 eggs, add to dry mixture

Add coconut oil and honey; mix.

Add coconut flakes and Lily’s chips.

Make drops of 1 teaspoons of mixture on cookie sheet

Bake for 10 minutes. Allow them to cool completely.


Makes 40 Almost Keto, Almost Vegan Chocolate-y Cookie Crunchies

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